by Elliot the happy Owl

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released April 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Elliot the happy Owl Finland

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Track Name: Awkward
Such a silent moment,
It makes me speechless,
Trying find the lighter to light my cigaret

The room of smoke,
Old man talking 'bout weather,
And couple of chunkys,
came from crime scene,

I'm in the middle of smoking room,
In the train,
Just hoping that no one sees me,
Someone whispered something,
Now things are getting such a jumpy,

Waiting for the elevator at first floor,
Staring the led light numbers
Suddenly my neighbour comes and,
I had party yesterday,
That was such a silent moment to me,

I'm in the elevator,
And i need help,
Cause my neighbor tries to kill me,
Soon i see stars around me,
Cause my neighbor tried to kill me,

Everybodys staring and my bodys pushing
Cold sweat,
Track Name: If
If i am,
Good enough as i am,
I could wash up the dishes,
I could be the man who sits in the living room couch now,

Be the man who is waiting for you after work,
Be the man who takes you to see the world,
But it's your decide,

If you just want to,
I could be anything,

If you only like me as i am,
I could wash laundry everytime,
And make food in the meantime when you look at the sex and the city,

And if,
You become jealous,
Then i could squeeze you in my arms,
And if you are turning red,
Then i could squeeze you in my arms
Track Name: Morning song
I am someone else,
We haven't seen, but we can get to know,

I think that I'm lost,
And you could help me find a way out,
Find a way out from here,

You came out of nowhere,
Save me from myself,
I will hug you tightly,
I will never let go,

I am someone else,
Cant get you out my mind so stay there,

I think that I'm in love,
With you,
With you,
Track Name: Sympathy
Oh little elliot,
Just got hit by bus,
Everyones looking at just hands on the mouth,
Strange smoke just came in my dirty lungs,
Why i am vibrating,
Why i am shaking,

It's all about the sympathy,
That we are creating,
The way we are behaving,
In scenes like these,

Why we are just staring at the,
Crime scene,
Everythings okay but then you noticed one gas leak,
Explosion happends,
No one calls fireman or ambulance to save you,
They just stares,
Hands on the mouth,

It's all about.....